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About Me

I come from Nanjing, Jiangsu province. I got my Ph.D degree at Nanjing University, majoring computer science. Now I am an associate professor in the HCI & Multimedia laboratory of Peking University. My research interests include digital image/video processing, computer graphics, computer vision, Pattern recognition, machine learning and statistical analysis.
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Academic Qualification

Ph.D. degree, Nanjing University, 2001
Bachelor's degree, Xi'an Jiaotong University, 1996


Digital image processinging, for undergraduate juniors and seniors (Spring 2009)
Computer graphics & Multimedia techniques, for graduated (Autumn 2008)

Scholarship & Research Awards

Working Experiences

Associate Professor (2006- ) Peking University
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2005-2006) CNRS, France
Research Associate (2003-2005) City University of Hong Kong
Instructor (2001-2003) Peking University
Research internship (2000-2001) Microsoft Research Asia

Research Projects

Adaptive Figure-ground Classification
Iterative DLT
3D model reconstruction from multiple views
Simulaneous tracking of rigid head motion and non-rigid facial animation
Simulating vivid 3D solid textures from 2D growable patterns
Planar metric rectification via circles
Real time 3D human motion tracking
Metric calibration for single image with lens distortion
Smart rule induction via multivariate analysis
Hidden Markov model based classification in personalized education
CAD based SARS detection in chest radiograph
Early projects

Selected Papers


Chen Yisong
HCI & Multimedia Laboratory
Department of Computer Science
Peking University, 100871, Beijing, China

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